What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology?

At haremchocolate.com, "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) technology is used in order to ensure the security of your information. Thanks to our 256 bit SSL certificate, your personal information is encrypted and secured; in this way, third persons are blocked from reaching your personal information and credit card details. The lock symbol you see on our homepage is an indication that your information is secured with an SSL certificate

www.haremchocolate.com's infrastructure, which is developed with the principle of "secure shopping" and "privacy", works with advanced communication protocols, primarily SSL technology.

Thus, credit card information that you use at www.haremdelights.com is automatically encrypted in your computer with a 2048-bit encryption system and sent to your bank in this way. In other words, as your credit card number and password information can only be monitored with the connection between your computer and your bank, it can not be viewed by unauthorized persons and it is not stored by our systems either.

E-commerce sites that want to use this system around the world have to work with an internet security company, like Shopify, which we work currently. In order to obtain SSL certificate, e-commerce companies have to comply with the required standards and provide the necessary documentation required by internet security company. Having taken all these precautions for your safety, we set started our job at www.haremdelights.com. At www.haremdelights.com, every time you shop, you will move within the standards of an internet security company that is widely used around the world.

To protect your personal information from unsafe sites that are open to any kind of misuse, you must make sure that the web addresses of the pages, where you enter your credit card information, change from http to https, and that some icons appear in the browser: a lock sign at the lower left corner, if you use Internet Explorer; and lock or key with blue lines at the right bottom corner If you are using Firefox,

Your Address for secure e-trade. You can share your experiences at www.haremchocolate.com with us and ask your questions by dialing +90 216 467 00 99 or by writing an e-mail to info@haremchocolate.com

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