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Our mission is to produce and provide reliable and high-quality products and services in line with the standards we determine together with our customers. The Quality and Food Safety Management Systems we implement are our guidelines in fulfilling our mission.

Harem Chocolate pledges to:

Ensure food safety at the highest level throughout all stages from raw material sourcing to reaching the consumer by providing hygienic environment and conditions.

Keep track of industry developments, changing customer expectations, and technological innovations.

Renew our systems and infrastructure to execute our processes efficiently and effectively.

Increase awareness of chocolate and confectionery production.

Enhance the quality consciousness of our employees by giving importance to education and communication.

Continuously improve the quality of products and services we provide to meet our customers' expectations.

Produce and continuously improve products/services in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.

Conduct effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Maintain our customers' standards without compromising on food safety and preserve our brand value, continuing to be the preferred organization in our sector.

Aim to use resources in a more controlled manner and minimize damage to the environment.

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