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www.haremchocolate.com reserves its right to change all kinds of services and products presented in this website, conditions of use and the information presented here (Site name, descriptive information, visuals, prices, etc of the materials presented in the site.) and to reorganize the website without prior notice. Changes will take effect instantly as soon as they are published on the site. These changes are deemed to be accepted with the use of or login into the site.

www.haremchocolate.com is not responsible for any actions such as change or deletion of information previously declared by its customer, when the password provided by www.haremchocolate.com  to the members of its website: www.haremchocolate.com , is shared by the member with third persons or used by third persons due to an action/reason caused by the member.

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User Obligations:

The user which becomes a member of the www.haremchocolate.com  website, guarantees the accuracy of the information that she or he provides. The user is responsible for all transactions made with his / her username and password, and for any consequences that may arise from these transactions. The user undertakes not to give his / her own password and username to someone else. Although www.haremchocolate.com  is a site that is updated at any time, Harem Istanbul Food Industry and Trade Company can not be held liable for any incompleteness or inaccuracy resulting from typographic mistakes or late updates on the site.

About Third Party Links : Links to other sites may be made directly or indirectly given at www.haremchocolate.com  website. The purpose of these links is to provide information or to make an advertisement. The content of other sites linked via www.haremchocolate.com  is under the responsibility of the linked sites. Harem Istanbul Food Industry and Trade Co.Ltd Şit.. cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites.

Persons under age of 18, can not be a member of the website www.haremchocolate.com  and cannot make purchases. The consumer, by confirming this agreement in electronic form, would be deemed to have confirmed that he or she is at least 18 years old. It is mandatory to share information on first name, last name, gender, date of birth, address, GSM number, e-mail address. In addition, he or she will become a member of www.haremchocolate.com  after having created his or her own password. He or she accepts that HAREM can communicate with him or her about opportunities, innovations, and special campaigns via e-mail /mobile phone / SMS (message) without any further permission.

Customers can be registered in the system with the same e-mail address, only once; they can not open a different account using the same address. Customers are obliged to provide accurate information during their participation in the program. If incorrect information is provided, the application will be invalid.

Members could contact HAREM only via the contact form that can be found on the website www.haremchocolate.com or through Harem Customer Services number +90 216 467 00 99.

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