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Why Are Cocoa Ratios in Chocolate Important?

 Why Are Cocoa Ratios in Chocolate Important?



We have all noticed that cocoa mass ratios are mentioned in chocolate packages these days when we are looking for more natural and additive-free everything. 

Do you know what this "cocoa mass" is? In short, the paste obtained from the beans of the cocoa fruit is called cocoa mass. It has an average of 45% cocoa powder and 55% cocoa butter in its composition.

This ratio differs in each cocoa bean. The 'cocoa dry matter ratio' indicated by a percentage on the chocolate packages is the cocoa mass obtained from the cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder components are the components of the cocoa mass. Cocoa mass can also be expressed as 100% dark chocolate.

After the cocoa fruit is harvested, it is ready to ferment by removing the seeds inside the fruit and delivered to the producers after about a week of drying.

We chocolate producers are respectively; After the processes of sorting, roasting, crushing, separating, crushing, and refining the beans in stone mills, we move on to the stages of chocolate making.

Producers who make the bean-to-bar chocolate process the cocoa bean knowingly and respect the unique nature of the bean. It obtains pure cocoa mass by refining the whole bean without separating the cocoa butter, which is one of the most precious oils in the world. This is the chocolate that is produced with all the components of cocoa, which is not separated from the fat, which is recommended by dietitians in a healthy diet. In addition, since we know that cocoa beans are among the foods with the highest antioxidant content, we preserve all their nutritional values ​​by roasting them at low temperatures.

In general consumption, cocoa mass; optionally, can be flavored by adding sugar, milk powder, fruit, or nuts. The edibility of chocolate without sugar is a matter of debate, but true chocolate lovers, especially dark chocolate lovers, may prefer it.

The Sugar-Free version of our new range of Drinking Chocolates is produced from 100% Ghana beans. You can have an intense experience by mixing it with water as it was consumed in the Aztec civilization, or you can prepare it with milk and enjoy it with a softer drink.

Terms such as cocoa, cocoa mass, and bitter, indicated by a percentage on chocolate labels indicate the amount of cocoa mass used in production.

You don't need to be a cocoa expert to calculate how each percentage will affect the flavor of the chocolate you choose. We have prepared a simple guide to help you choose the cocoa ratio that suits your taste.


The higher the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, which is defined as "Dark", the more intense the aroma.

The fact that dark chocolate is very dark in color is not proof of the high cocoa ratio. There may be color differences due to the difference in the type of cocoa beans used.

Percentage criteria vary from country to country. For example; While milk chocolate in Turkey must contain at least 25% cocoa, the USA requires a milk chocolate-cocoa ratio of only 10%.

What is the best ratio of dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is chocolate with a high cocoa solids content. However, the preferred ratio of dark chocolate depends entirely on personal taste. We recommend choosing chocolate with at least 70% cocoa so that you can taste the multi-layered flavors of the cocoa bean.

Of course, if you're a lover of intense dark chocolate then you may want to look for something a little stronger. For those who are looking for the notes of cocoa, the cocoa ratio of 85% and above will suit your taste and will make you happy.

In dark chocolate, the higher the cocoa ratio, the more intense and rich the cocoa taste and aroma will be. Because cocoa beans are naturally bitter, a higher cocoa ratio means chocolate is less sweet and has a more layered flavor experience.

The 100% cocoa mass allows you to taste the different notes of the bean without being distracted, as it does not contain milk powder, sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives.

To truly experience the cocoa bean in all its glory, "Cocoa Pod Chocolate" with 100% cocoa | We recommend you try our sugar-free "Sugar Free Tablet Chocolate with Raisin" and "Almond, Hazelnut, Cherry Cacao" chocolates.

You can also examine our dark chocolates on our online site, with alternative cocoa ratios, which you can choose according to your taste;

We wish you pleasant tastings.

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