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OD Urla x Harem Chocolate

OD Urla x Harem Chocolate

Explorers write their stories on the roads; that's why all encounters are valuable.Today, on our journey of exploration, the route takes an extraordinary turn towards a unique encounter. The heroes of this encounter are Chef Osman Sezener and Harem Chocolate, and they are ready to introduce you to this story.

Harem Chocolate, whose started its story 25 years ago in Istanbul and whose greatest passion is producing good chocolate; created a new chocolate selection for OD Urla with Chef Osman Sezener.

This selection was inspired by the deep-rooted connection of both parties to gastronomy, their journeys, and their never-ending desire for exploration.

From OD Bahçe's fresh mint to Urfa's hot pepper; from the olive trees covering the OD land to the tea of the Black Sea, different tastes are waiting for you in our recipes guided by chocolate.

Just like the countless encounters that all roads offer us, the pairings in this selection promise you new journeys filled with surprising harmonies.

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